Resume Tips

Your resume will likely be the first contact a potential employer will have from you. Without a well written resume, it’s unlikely that the employer will move you to the next stage of the employment process. It is vital that you make your first impression count! If you need assistance updating or creating your resume, let us know and we will be happy to help. We want you to succeed!

1. Resume Length
Keep the length of your resume to one page if possible. NEVER go over two pages.


2. Objective Statement
An “Objective” statement is unnecessary and wastes valuable space. Replace with a “Professional Summary” or “Summary of Qualifications” instead (see resume samples).


3. Resume Layout
Stay away from an unusual format, fancy or elaborate borders, or irrelevant, light-hearted information. The reverse-chronological format is most frequently used.


4. Your GPA
List a GPA of 3.0 or higher. DO NOT round up; use the exact GPA as written on transcripts. If your overall GPA is below a 3.0 but your major field of study is a 3.0 or better, there is nothing wrong with noting “3.5 GPA in major.”


5. Job Descriptions
Description of duties and responsibilities are recommended, but should be concise. Keep in mind that accomplishments are what will set you apart from your peers.


6. Formatting
Use a bullet list to highlight your accomplishments. They should be quantified and clear as to why they are accomplishments. Example: “Achieved an operational readiness rate of 92%–22% above Army standards.” Place emphasis on problem-solving skills as well.


7. Listing Job References
DO NOT include, “References Available Upon Request” and DO NOT include your references on your resume.


8. Final Review
ALWAYS double check your work and be sure someone else looks it over as well. 


9. Emailing Your Resume
Ensure your resume is saved in DOC, DOCX or PDF format as these are the most commonly used.


10. LinkedIn
Post your resume to your LinkedIn profile. Ensure that your resume is consistent with your LinkedIn profile.


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