Luis Long

President/Founder – Williamsburg, VA

Lu is a former Marine and has been a recruiting industry business owner since departing the military. He has been fully engaged in contingency recruiting for over 20 years, developing and matching veteran job seekers with military friendly hiring companies. He provides a wealth of experience in launching successful careers for transitioning veterans.


Dana M. Oswald

Managing Partner and Co-Founder - Chicago, IL

Dana, a former Marine, offers unparalleled industry networking skills and commitment to the veteran-employer partnership. Her passion for ensuring veterans’ well being is a driving force to her success and that of Veterans Prime, Inc. operations.


Brian Vereb

Associate Partner, Recruiting--Williamsburg, VA

Brian is a former D1 college swim coach who excels at recruiting and communications. His commitment to matching veterans with full time employment in dynamic companies is unsurpassed. He has a keen ability to provide invaluable resume and interviewing skills feedback to job seekers…ensuring successful candidate introductions and job offer/acceptance outcomes.


Laura Wetherington

Recruiter - Account Manager - Dixon, MO

Laura is a seasoned military spouse with over 12 years managing and recruiting teams. She is tenacious in her search for top-tier talent and committed to helping veterans find their perfect career. Laura is an avid camper who loves the outdoors and spending time with her family.


Gavin Veeder

Recruiter - Account Manager

Gavin is a 25 year veteran of the U.S. Navy. His leadership experience and training began as an  enlisted technician, and culminated in retirement as a commissioned officer. Of Gavin’s many strengths, being genuine and “relatable” are at the top when engaging with Veterans Prime candidates and clients. Gavin and his wife love to travel the country visiting National parks, their three sons and their wives, and two granddaughters.


Stephanie Harboe

Recruiter - Account Manager - Williamsburg, VA

Stephanie is an experienced Army spouse and certified coach, on a mission to connect highly qualified candidates with fantastic companies.  She understands the unique challenges and sacrifices of military service on members and their families and is a trusted guide during their transitioning to the civilian sector.


Cameron McKeeby

Cameron is a United States Army combat veteran, paratrooper and All-Source Intelligence Analyst. He is devoted to helping veterans find the perfect employment opportunity by understanding their unique needs and that of their family. Cameron is an advocate of transparent candidate and client communication. He believes that with open dialogue and the right support network, anyone can be successful. Cameron works to promote confidence and a stellar support system for veterans committed to finding the best career opportunities.