Luis Long

President/CEO – Williamsburg, VA

Luis is a former Marine and has been a recruiting industry business owner since departing the military. He has been fully engaged in contingency recruiting for over 15 years, developing and matching veteran job seekers with military friendly hiring companies. He provides a wealth experience in launching successful careers for transitioning veterans.


Dana M. Oswald

Managing Partner and Co-Founder - Chicago, IL

Dana, a former Marine, offers unparalleled industry networking skills and commitment to the veteran-employer partnership. Her passion for ensuring veterans’ well being is a driving force to her success and that of Veterans Prime, Inc. operations.


Diana Willis

Senior Partner - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

With over 20 years experience in military contingency recruiting, Diana has set the standard with her ability to consult, multi-task, and capitalize on industry placement opportunities.


Sondra Martinez

Associate Partner

Skilled at recruiting military veterans and developing corporate leadership programs, Sondra provides an invaluable perspective to our team. Raised in a strong military family, her passion for service through respect and building rapport is evident to everyone she meets. She is unrelenting at matching candidate and client for skill and fit.