Why Us?

“After carefully evaluating my technical strengths and taking into account my family considerations, the Veterans Prime, Inc. staff helped me secure a career in the work discipline, industry and location that best fit my skills and needs.”
Terry K. 

When choosing Veterans Prime, Inc. as your career transition representative, keep the following in mind:

Veterans Prime, Inc. is not the largest military placement firm, but we are the best – the best according to the many candidates we have successfully placed in corporate careers with World Class companies.

We do not insist that you be open to relocation. Although geographical flexibility may open more doors, our challenge is to afford you opportunities where you will be content and productive.

Our direct referral method of interviews is simple, effective, and will allow you the opportunity to meet client companies outside of the career conference setting. We will provide you with interviews for specific positions on a one-on-one basis rather than presenting you as one of many individuals competing for the same position.

We recommend that you call our competitors! Most have career conference settings where you can interview with companies during a two to four day affair. However, ENSURE THAT YOU CONTACT US Veterans Prime, Inc. and our client companies may have the opportunity of a lifetime without the hassles!

Whether you are leaving the military after a few short years or starting a second career after retirement, remember this: It is your life and your career, all we ask is that you put our experience to work for you and provide us an opportunity to expand your professional employment network!

What’s Next?

"Direction is the key to arriving at your destination."
Samuel Clayton

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