Organizations of All Sizes Benefit from Veteran Employees

Erik D., Manufacturing Process Leader
Veterans Prime understands the type of candidate WE need, and excels in connecting us with skilled technicians and leaders.

Veterans Prime, Inc. is a veteran owned, contingency search firm specializing in the global placement of Junior Military Officers and business experienced managers, supervisors, and technicians.

The nature of military assignments allows veterans to gain experience leading, managing, and interacting with diverse groups, to include work teams, peers, and executives. Technical training is unmatched, with expertise in electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulics, pneumatic, schematics and beyond.

Our typical candidate has five to 10 years of military experience in fast paced, real world operations. Candidates are results-oriented, communicate effectively, work well under pressure and have a strong sense of mission and personal initiative.

The Impacts of Diversity

We understand the value a diverse workforce offers, and know you do, too. From shifting demographics in the United States to the globalization of industries, a diverse workplace has been proven to increase productivity and creative problem solving, attract & retain talent, result in innovation, improve financial performance and outcomes, build synergy in team and enhance communication, and build on a satisfied diverse customer base.

Your clients and competitors agree. Let us help you meet and exceed your hiring & diversity goals.

Veterans Prime, Inc. is a certified minority business enterprise. We are committed to assisting your organization in maintaining its diversity goals with top talent.


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