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We are your premier, global provider of superior transitioning junior military officers, technicians & business experienced leaders.

Why You Should Hire Transitioning Veterans!

Veterans bring immediate value to organizations. They provide superior work ethic and drive that take respective functional teams within organizations to the next level. They have unparalleled leadership experience, are quick studies, and foster an immediate team environment. Motivated military leaders hit the ground running upon entering the corporate world. Full of energy and innovative ideas, they rapidly become overachievers in their respective fields and advance to positions of greater responsibility.

Prior to leaving military service and during their transition period, many veterans do not realize how marketable they are, the opportunities that are available to them, or where their skills may best be applied. This is where the experience and guidance of Veterans Prime, Inc. consulting plays a vital role.

We build relationships based upon trust and honest expectations.

Our veteran candidates are mature, battle tested, focused, adaptable, and committed to success. They are seeking a position where they can be valued, provide a strong impact, succeed, and advance professionally. They want to interview with a company that is just as serious about them!

Our ability to mentor the candidate & critically analyze candidate information for a “fit” within your organization is unsurpassed.

We have the knowledge, judgment and experience to identify qualified veteran professionals, match their talents with the needs of your organization, and facilitate employment offer negotiations that will lead to successful and lasting personnel hires.

Military to Civilian Transition

Are you transitioning from military to civilian life? Do you need help translating the skills you learned in the military to a resume? Would you like to be helped by fellow veterans who have already transitioned successfully? Veterans Prime, Inc. has you covered.

We're not the largest military placement firm, but we are the best - the best according to the many US Veterans we have successfully placed across America in some of the finest companies. Our work is based off of quality, never volume.

We're a company owned and operated by Veterans and we only accept Veterans for our positions. Our entire staff has successfully transitioned from Military careers into Civilian life and we want to help our fellow veterans do the same.

Let us show you how marketable you are. We are partnered with dozens of companies all over the United States seeking to hire Veterans just like you. Couple your skills with our experience and guidance and you can be on the road to your next career today.

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