Why Hire Military

Our military spends more on training personnel than many Fortune 50 companies combined.

Military candidates have varied backgrounds and contribute an unparalleled combination of leadership experience, maturity, and technical expertise to roles they undertake in industry.

Our military spends more on training personnel than many Fortune 50 companies combined!

We’ve all invested in making them the most highly trained and motivated personnel in this nation. Because their skills are directly transferable to the business sector, Veterans Prime works to introduce them to positions and leadership roles across a wide range of industries and disciplines.

Candidate Attributes

Thanks to the nature of military assignments, veterans gain experience leading, managing, and interacting with diverse groups, including work teams, peers, and executives. Technical training is unmatched, with expertise in electrical, mechanical, hydraulics, pneumatic, electronics, and beyond.

Industry: Manufacturing
Role: Regional Supervisor
Expertise: Electromechanical, Pneumatics, and Hydraulics, with 8 years supervisory experience
Branch: Marine Corps
Summary: John was hired as Regional Supervisor for a large manufacturing facility, and now trains and manages over 25 Field Service Technicians
Industry: Construction
Role: Superintendent
Expertise:Contract Negotiation, Sales (B2B & Personal), Training, Labor Management, Project Management
Branch: United States Army
Summary: Andrea has been in her current position for over 6 months now. She was hired as a Superintendent and manages over 8 million dollars of contracts
Industry: Packaging
Role: Customer Service Engineer
Expertise: Automation, Instrumentation and Controls, PLC troubleshooting
Branch: Navy
Summary: Kevin travels extensively to nationwide customer sites, installing, commissioning, and troubleshooting state of the art systems

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CEO of Starbucks:  Howard Schultz

“…it’s time to recognize that this era’s veterans have a chance to be our nation’s “catalyst generation”—people whose patriotism & effectiveness, honed & proven, can now spark in all of us a renewed spirit of citizen responsibility & power. Let’s give them that chance. With commitment & understanding, let’s help our veterans help America once again.”


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