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Veterans Prime, Inc. consultants have the knowledge, judgment and experience to identify qualified professionals, match their talents with the needs of your organization, and facilitate employment offer negotiations that will lead to personnel hires.

We have had great success developing relations with our clients because we operate differently than our competitors. Instead of using the traditional “resume broker” or hiring conference referral philosophy, we focus on direct referral placements where you interview candidates on a one-on-one basis–taking time to interview and follow-up with only those that meet your hiring needs.

Matching skill sets, salary expectations, geographical desires, and industry focus are among four of the criteria we consider before referring a Veterans Prime, Inc. candidate to you. Our ability to critically analyze candidate information for a “fit” within your organization is unsurpassed.

We thrive on “getting to know” the candidate by building upon an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect.  We are also careful to accurately portray the client organization and the position to be filled in order to ensure that only those candidates genuinely interested in the position and the client organization are presented for an interview.  When we refer a candidate, the uncertainty level is minimized because you will feel confident that the person being interviewed has been thoroughly screened and is prepared for the opportunity at hand.

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