Candidate Attributes


Leadership skills are developed and continually honed through years of situational and hands-on training.


Complete and extensive training requiring him/her to meet and exceed applied criteria.


May hold an undergraduate degree and may have or may be pursuing an advanced degree. Develop unique skills through a number of professional military educational courses and certified technical training.


Ahead of the pack in this category — physically fit, drug free, and neat in dress.


Carry uncompromising integrity and loyalty to an organization.


Superb communicators. Able to deliver concepts, ideas and briefings in a clear and concise manner.


Responsible for effectively leading sizable, diverse teams and for maintaining proper accountability and management of million dollar systems.


Understand the need to be flexible and are able to adapt to changing situations in a professional and tactful manner.

What’s Next?

“Don’t count the days. Make the days count.”
Muhammad Ali

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Williamsburg, VA

Luis Long

Chicago, IL

Dana M. Oswald

Dallas, TX

Diana Willis

Williamsburg, VA

Brian Vereb

Dixon, MO

Laura Wetherington

Gavin Veeder

Williamsburg, VA

Stephanie Harboe